The Almac Mines are a collection of copper mining dugouts that are start at a entrance dug into the front of Branded Cliffs. They can only be reached by pulley.The mine seargeant is Drey Manacle, a beast of a creature who uses wiseguys, bluntfaces, whitecoats and many other peoples to mine copper to sell to the Mistress and the Cities of Sprawl, Alcove, Stand and Lash. The Almac Mines are lit by Firefly lamps which give an eerie glow over the place. The Shadows that the paltforms give are nicknamed Almac Shadows.

The Almac Mines were first created by Brolliku Almac, a mutant wiseguy who started mining when he fell off the end of Branded cliffs onto a ledge where later the entrance of the Almac Mines was made. Workers from the Almac Mines are nicknamed Almacs, Almac's Slugs, and Heavan's Helpfulls since they do extremely dangerous and dirty work. The reason for even more danger than outside jobs is that the beasts of burden they use, man, is afraid of the dark which must have something to do with their dark history.

The Annual Production rate of the mines is 50 000 pounds per year of copper. This is distributed around the area and far off countries for 20 Yangzte a pound. Salaries of the workers are 0.5 Yangzte a week.

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